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Growing up I was always surrounded by art. Our home was filled with pieces, big and small, made or bought, collected from friends or strangers. It was the art that made our home really individual, that reflected our travels, interests and tastes. But I noticed that many people thought art was reserved for the rich, something intimidating and intellectual. They didn’t believe that finding art could be easy, affordable or enjoyable. I thought differently. I believed art could be made accessible through the internet, but unlike other online businesses, I still wanted people to see art up close, the way it should be experienced! Hence, ArtsHaus was born.

ArtsHaus is a platform designed to help you discover the amazing, affordable and original artwork for sale in your local area and throughout the UK. It provides inspiration, education and free advice on buying art for your home or business. Working with independent galleries and studios across the country which offer quality as well as affordability, ArtsHaus helps you find artwork that you love, that matches your style and transforms your home.

You can easily contact or find the locations of any organisation we work with, making it simple to enquire about the artwork you’ve seen or to visit at your leisure. Our motto reflects our desire to help you discover original art to match your original style.

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What We Believe

There's nothing better than the original!

In a world of commodities, we love that there are artists all over the world creating something original every day. A piece of artwork is truly one of a kind. That’s why we only work with partners that offer original artwork or limited editions, whether that be paintings, prints, drawings, photographs or sculpture.

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Your style, your choice!

Ultimately no one can tell you what to like (even though some people try to)! We simply bring together art for sale from quality vendors around the UK, so you can browse at your leisure to find something that's right for you. There's no pressure to buy, and we're always here to help if you want a hand finding something special.

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Art should be a feature not an afterthought!

We believe that art should be a feature of the home, not something to cover bare walls! We want to help you find art that you are proud to show off, that reflects your personality and style. That’s why we provide free personalised advice as well as showing you the trends and inspirations in interior design that can make your art take centre stage.

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Love by Alexandr Milov. 💕
The most talked about sculpture from Burning Man festival 2017 shows two figures sitting with their backs to each other after an argument. Their inner child reaches out to reconnect, overcoming pride, fear and conflict.
#FindYourOriginal How do you like your eggs in the morning....? 🙃
#FindYourOriginal Kerry James Marshall has been named most influential artist in the world in annual power list.
This Marshall made headlines after setting the auction record for the most expensive artwork ever sold by a living black artist. Marshall’s four metre wide painting Past Times was sold to Sean Combs a.k.a P Diddy – for $21.1 million in May of this year.
His work has also recently been acquired by the Tate and regularly addresses issues of whitewashing throughout art history.
#FindYourOriginal Who else wants to stay here?? 😍
The Silo Hotel in Cape Town is owned by avid art enthusiast Liz Biden. Each piece in the hotel is inspired by her travels around Africa.
Biden explains: “Art brings a space to life, it creates warmth and tells stories. But moreover, art takes you on a journey which evolves as we evolve. The Silo will take that art experience to a whole new level with a focus on contemporary African art…”
#FindYourOriginal Love the little surprising pop of colour which is the signature of artist Ben Wainwright. 🤩 Ben has developed a style of painting featuring aspects of city, town and countryside in a monochrome style, enhancing each picture with an element of colour surprise. See more surprises in bio! #FindYourOriginal with @unicorngalleryltd Introducing Griselda Duch. A fine art photographer based in Barcelona, Duch's minimalist approach is combined with creative use of natural light and colour to create photos which appear at once mysterious, nostalgic and delicate. Fantastic new addition to ArtsHaus - see so much more in bio! #FindYourOriginal with @albumen_gallery In awe of these beautifully haunting sculptures by Anna Gillespie.
Thick plaster and mixed media come together to create these fascinating figures.
#FindYourOriginal Sculptor Mark Beattie makes industrious material appear fluid, malleable and delicate. He continues to study different metals and materials, looking at ways to manipulate and add movement to the material.
He has exhibited his works nationally, alongside the likes of Tracey Emin, and the late Lynn Chadwick.
Discover his work in bio! #FindYourOriginal with @artshaus_
And @thesodencollection Cathy Read's vibrant cityscapes are spirited depictions of the geometric shapes and inherent patterns of architecture combined with her freely expressive style.
She comments "I especially love architecture. I’m drawn to the natural beauty of shapes and structure. To the rhythms and patterns they create. I love extremes from contemporary, cutting edge design to the old and decaying." See more in bio!
#FindYourOriginal with @artshaus_ and @artzu_gallery "He throws paint onto the canvas as if it were the waves themselves". Mark Preston is a master Plein Air painter. Working with acrylics he spends relatively little time in the studio. “For me experiencing the landscape and elements directly is essential to attempt to capture them in paint. I just need to be there to respond to the nature and the spirit of the landscape”. This direct approach of working from nature allows him time to observe and experience the subtle changes in colour, light and atmosphere, enabling him to build up an understanding and awareness of the places he paints. One mainstay of Mark’s thinking comes from John Constables’s declaration “Nature is the fountain’s head, the source from whence all originality must spring”. #FindYourOriginal with @lighthousegallerypenzance Delicate intertwined ribbons of paint and luminous mists of colour make for  Louise McClary's mesmerising abstractions. Hints seem to direct us to natural environments, but McClary leaves the viewer to interpret her rich and ethereal works as they will.
See more in bio! #FindYourOriginal with @artwavewest Ok this is another level... When can I move in please?? 🙏 #FindYourOriginal Whilst #Banksy has been stealing much of the headlines of late, it's interesting to hear who inspired him!
Enter Xavier Prou a.k.a Blek Let Rat
“Every time I think I’ve painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek Le Rat has done it as well. Only twenty years earlier.” Banksy, 2005
One of the godfathers of the European street art movement, Blek le Rat inspired hundreds of graffiti artists around the world with his stenciled style.
Despite the enormous role he played in 1980s and 1990s street art, Blek le Rat kept a low profile through most of his career to avoid prison time, fines and public harassment (in 1991 he was tried for ten years worth of graffiti and had to pay substantial fines, with the prospect of facing jail if caught again). He struggled years before urban art was a somewhat acceptable genre, documenting his own works and trying to find ways to make a living as a professional artist. He set the stage for an artistic revolution through years of absolute obscurity.Explore his work in bio! #FindYourOriginal with @brandlergalleries Jonathan Kelly draws on the earliest forms of art, the Paleolithic, as it looks beyond today’s complexities to more universal concerns of life, love, death and sexuality.
Created on a grand scale they provide a commanding presence! See more in bio! #FindYourOriginal with ArtsHaus and @noonpowellfineart Hope you had a relaxing Sunday! We're loving the calming tones and textures of Heidi Koneig.
Heidi was brought up and educated in Germany where she was first introduced to printmaking through her grandfather.
As a child she was fascinated with the various techniques and tools used to create original prints and today she makes her very own  monoprints in a very spontaneous and expressive way inspired by travels, landscapes and cultures. #FindYourOriginal with @brookcontemporary A Connor Brothers classic. Have a great Saturday night 😉. By combining Old Masters’ works and Mills and Boon romantic book covers with witty texts seeking to make fun of a modern, materialistic world, the Connor Brothers blur the lines between truth and fiction.
Check out their work in bio.
#FindYourOriginal I did always wonder why pumpkins were such a big part of Yayoi Kusama's work! 🤔 Now I know!
Kusama's family cultivated plant seeds in Matsumoto, and she grew up with kabocha squash growing in the fields around her childhood home. In her autobiography she notes 'It seems that pumpkins do not inspire much respect. But I was enchanted by their charming and winsome form. What appealed to me most was the pumpkin's generous unpretentiousness. That and its solid spiritual balance.' Funny how these influences manifest themselves! Thanks @victoriamirogallery for the knowledge share! #FindYourOriginal Excited by some very special  new additions to ArtsHaus! Check out these Incredible clouds ☁️ from Phil Tyler 😍. As a painter and a printmaker his versatility and skill is demonstrated across free flowing landscapes and intense figures. See more in bio! #FindYourOriginal with @zimmerstewart If it ain't emerald, it ain't on trend! I'm exaggerating slightly.... but there's certainly been a lot of emerald on show in the interior design world this year. How do you feel about it? If you're a fan, check out our luscious greens in bio. #FindYourOriginal
Photo from @taylorhowesdesigns Love these smoke fired pots from South African ceramicists Fani Ceramics. Smoke firing is a traditional Zulu method that hardens and colours the vessel - all that's needed is newspaper, vegetable oil, fire and a lot of patience! See link in bio to discover more about the artists. #FindYourOriginal with @monkey_apple

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