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Growing up I was always surrounded by art. Our home was filled with pieces, big and small, made or bought, collected from friends or strangers. It was the art that made our home really individual, that reflected our travels, interests and tastes. But I noticed that many people thought art was reserved for the rich, something intimidating and intellectual. They didn’t believe that finding art could be easy, affordable or enjoyable. I thought differently. I believed art could be made accessible through the internet, but unlike other online businesses, I still wanted people to see art up close, the way it should be experienced! Hence, ArtsHaus was born.

ArtsHaus is a platform designed to help you discover the amazing, affordable and original artwork for sale in your local area and throughout the UK. It provides inspiration, education and free advice on buying art for your home or business. Working with independent galleries and studios across the country which offer quality as well as affordability, ArtsHaus helps you find artwork that you love, that matches your style and transforms your home.

You can easily contact or find the locations of any organisation we work with, making it simple to enquire about the artwork you’ve seen or to visit at your leisure. Our motto reflects our desire to help you discover original art to match your original style.

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What We Believe

There's nothing better than the original!

In a world of commodities, we love that there are artists all over the world creating something original every day. A piece of artwork is truly one of a kind. That’s why we only work with partners that offer original artwork or limited editions, whether that be paintings, prints, drawings, photographs or sculpture.

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Your style, your choice!

Ultimately no one can tell you what to like (even though some people try to)! We simply bring together art for sale from quality vendors around the UK, so you can browse at your leisure to find something that's right for you. There's no pressure to buy, and we're always here to help if you want a hand finding something special.

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Art should be a feature not an afterthought!

We believe that art should be a feature of the home, not something to cover bare walls! We want to help you find art that you are proud to show off, that reflects your personality and style. That’s why we provide free personalised advice as well as showing you the trends and inspirations in interior design that can make your art take centre stage.

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What ArtsHaus Offers

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The only place to search for artwork and art outlets near you, making discovering, viewing or buying artwork up close that much easier.

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From the comfort of your home, see the artwork on offer at galleries and studios throughout the country, with prices, styles and mediums to match any taste or budget.

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We're not an online shop, we're a platform for discovery, here to help provide you with the information, advice or inspiration you might want to find what's right for you.

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For those of us who grew up reading the books of Roald Dahl, the iconic illustrations within were as integral to the story as the words themselves. Quentin Blake was the man behind them and his distinct artistic style composed of fast and scribbly ink lines, but with a precise stroke ,was loved by children and adults alike. These drawings in pen-and-ink and afterwards coloured with watercolours are some of the exciting new additions to ArtsHaus today! #FindYourOriginal Enjoying discovering more about Helen Beard. She's unafraid to use colour and certainly unafraid to address some pretty sexual subjects! This is probably the most P.C work in her current show 😬at @newportstreetgallery_london #truecolours - worth a look for sure! @helenbeardart #FindYourOriginal ⚠️COMPETITION❗️Want £250 off your dream artwork? All you need to do is tag a friend in the comments, follow this account and confirm your entry with the link in the bio! #FindYourOriginal Fantastic exhibition opening this Thursday 12th July at @gateway_gallery in Hale.
Titled 'I also paint' it explores what it is to be a woman in art. Bringing together the work of 8 female artists, there's a huge variety of themes, styles and techniques but always a sense of humility and groundedness that emanates from the work.
Some great quotes from the artists also - Mary Mabbutt says "Rembrandt didn't have to put up with this" whilst Sue Howells describes herself as a 'housewife that picks up a brush every day'. Selection of the work below to whet the appetite. See you there?? We are obsessed with the vibrant blue in this piece. Fynbos Picker by Dante Ruben is an example of quality portraiture, inspired by her South African routes. Ruben attributes her inherited artists talent to her father, who is one of her main influences and inspirations. For the chance to win £250 off this work, check out the link in our bio! #FindYourOriginal with us and @monkey_apple Sunset draws in on another fantastic day of sunshine 🌅. Can't believe this is the UK!
This is the work of Rob Pointon RBSA. We're enjoying the multiple perspectives of shifting light in this work. For some years Rob was the International Artist in Residence for Manchester Airport. He travelled to different direct destinations and brought back exhibitions of work to be showcased in the terminals. This is from a trip to Venice. #FindYourOriginal with @trentartgallery With so many styles of abstract work, what's your favourite??
This is Gold Light by Ian Humphreys. His work is a direct response to living on the coastline of West Cork, Ireland. Sea, sky, tide, the changeable and vibrant weather and light, space and paint are the timeless elements that are the essence of his paintings. #FindYourOriginal with @limetreegallery Excited about our new editions! Why not have a browse this weekend (after the football of course)😉 give us a shout if any of the above catch your eye! #FindYourOriginal Enamoured by this new addition by Colin Halliday 💕 Of his work Colin says “I want a painting to look like a painting, not a photograph, how one paints expresses ones soul, it is the differences between us that should be celebrated”. #FindYourOriginal with @trentartgallery >GIVEAWAY ALERT<
Win £250 to spend on ANY artwork on sale at ANY independent gallery across the UK.
Crazy we know! 🙈🙈
Finally take home that home that piece you've had your eye on or discover something new on ArtsHaus today. We just want to share with you the gift of art, whilst supporting artists and those who support them!
To enter, simply like this post & tag a friend in the comments, then confirm your entry with link in bio! Winner selected July 30! #FindYourOriginal Rosa Gauditano is a Brazilian photographer who documented the often clandestine lives of São Paolo’s citizens whilst under military dictatorship in 1970. Here she captures the blissful youth of this young boy proudly posing for the camera. Her work is currently being exhibited at the @albumen_gallery in London. And is available to buy on @artshaus_ . #FindYourOriginal A still life by the fascinating John Byrne. A member of Scotlands Royal Academy, he grew up from humble beginnings to live an amazing life of twists and turns. He was even awarded an MBE In 2001 for services to literature and the theatre, but returned it in protest at the British Government’s joining forces with the US Administration’s invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. Read more about his life and work in Bio! #FindYourOriginal with @glasgowprintstudio We've been seeing a lot of oversized florals recently and it's definitely a trend we are getting on board with! 'White Hellebore' by Natalie Toplass is a particularly stunning example 😍. #FindYourOriginal with the @thesodencollection What's your thoughts?
Clyfford Still was among the first generation of Abstract Expressionists who developed a new, powerful approach to painting in the years immediately following World War II. His contemporaries included well known names such as Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. #FindYourOriginal Keymi (slang for Mickey) is the pseudonym of French painter and graffiti artist Stephan Raymond. His alias is a fusion of American and Asian cultures, which blends hip-hop and manga comics with pop art.
The Pin-Up series of puzzles pays homage to women of the 1950’s made famous by Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren. These unfinished puzzles reflect a social psychological point of view with each piece of the puzzle representing the essential elements for good mental health. Find out more in bio! #FindYourOriginal
@urbaneartgallery @keymi_art John Button ignores all rules of perspective in his paintings. The result is intriguing still life works, created from a pleasing colour palette. Represented by @limetreegallery #FindYourOriginal Bright and bold! Which of these two artworks grab your attention more? 😍 works by Barbara Rae and Henrietta Dubrey, represented by @glasgowprintstudio & @brookcontemporary #FindYourOriginal We know you don’t want to be at that office desk right now! So here are some summer artworks to encourage your day dreaming😍 where would you rather be? Sun kissed gardens, or at the beach? 💐🏝#findyouroriginal works by Paolo Bigazzi & Nicola Wakeling - represented by @unicorngalleryltd & @lighthousegallerypenzance Kjeld Jensen is one of Denmark’s truly recognized artists. To this day, art & design students across Denmark are exposed to his great works and techniques which range from the naturalistic to the purely abstract. Only one of his pieces available on ArtsHaus unfortunately! Snap it up before it's gone!
#FindYourOriginal Mackerel with pears by David Smith RSW. It's difficult to characterise the style of David Smith, but across seascapes, landscapes and still life's there's always a beautiful palette of colour applied with subtlety and skill. David is a past president of The Glasgow Group of Artists and is represented by @limetreegallery. See more on ArtsHaus.

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