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Growing up I was always surrounded by art. Our home was filled with pieces, big and small, made or bought, collected from friends or strangers. It was the art that made our home really individual, that reflected our travels, interests and tastes. But I noticed that many people thought art was reserved for the rich, something intimidating and intellectual. They didn’t believe that finding art could be easy, affordable or enjoyable. I thought differently. I believed art could be made accessible through the internet, but unlike other online businesses, I still wanted people to see art up close, the way it should be experienced! Hence, ArtsHaus was born.

ArtsHaus is a platform designed to help you discover the amazing, affordable and original artwork for sale in your local area and throughout the UK. It provides inspiration, education and free advice on buying art for your home or business. Working with independent galleries and studios across the country which offer quality as well as affordability, ArtsHaus helps you find artwork that you love, that matches your style and transforms your home.

You can easily contact or find the locations of any organisation we work with, making it simple to enquire about the artwork you’ve seen or to visit at your leisure. Our motto reflects our desire to help you discover original art to match your original style.

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What We Believe

There's nothing better than the original!

In a world of commodities, we love that there are artists all over the world creating something original every day. A piece of artwork is truly one of a kind. That’s why we only work with partners that offer original artwork or limited editions, whether that be paintings, prints, drawings, photographs or sculpture.

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Your style, your choice!

Ultimately no one can tell you what to like (even though some people try to)! We simply bring together art for sale from quality vendors around the UK, so you can browse at your leisure to find something that's right for you. There's no pressure to buy, and we're always here to help if you want a hand finding something special.

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Art should be a feature not an afterthought!

We believe that art should be a feature of the home, not something to cover bare walls! We want to help you find art that you are proud to show off, that reflects your personality and style. That’s why we provide free personalised advice as well as showing you the trends and inspirations in interior design that can make your art take centre stage.

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First day at @100percentdesign done and a great reception for our 3 artists - Bruce McLean, Henrietta Dubrey and Gina Parr! Great to have the support of @brookgallery today - and looking forward to a whole new collection of exciting work tomorrow! Back in the capital for a week and reminded of the effervescent cityscapes of John Duffin. Every evening I used to walk back home over Primrose Hill and the view never used to get old, especially when you had a warm sunset.
John Duffin is a painter and printmaker whose work is based on the modern environments of cities and towns. Often his focus returns to London creating dynamic, cinematic images of contemporary urban life. More about John in bio. #FindYourOriginal with @brookgallery What a beautiful afternoon ☀️! A hint of summer breaking through this weekend.
This delightful landscape is from John Donaldson - details in bio.
Growing up John remembers watching his grandfather paint watercolours. He cannot recall a time in his life when he didn't paint and doesn't believe he ever made a conscious decision to become an artist, it was something he grew up doing. To begin with, John followed his Grandfathers lead and painted in watercolours but by the age of thirteen he had discovered oils and found the physicality of the medium suited his style and approach, allowing him to push the paint around the canvas and develop a painting over a period of time.
#FindYourOriginal with 'Love is a drug' by Zeus. Based on a genuine ecstasy tablet, this pill is hand-moulded and cast in plaster.
Captivated by the hip-hop scene of the 80s, Zeus began expressing his creative talents on the street when he was just 14, using walls, trains, and open spaces as his galleries.
This piece is a steal. Details in bio. #FindYourOriginal with @prescriptionart We're loving 'The Kiss' by Andrew James Robinson. With such a unique style, it's difficult not to keep discovering new things in his work!
Shout out to our partners who are exhibiting at @start_artfair this week!
Pop in to the @saatchi_gallery to catch this work along with some fantastic art from emerging artists from around the world.
#FindYourOriginal Can't wait to be exhibiting some of this man's work next week with @limetreegallery at @100percentdesign . Peter Wileman's style is bold and vigorous, both in the use of colour and handling of paint, as he seeks to capture light across the landscape. An ex president of the Royal Society of Oil Painters, his work which is stylised in varying degrees of abstraction, has graced the walls of many collectors. Details in bio. #FindYourOriginal WANT 😍Apparently Rosie Huntington-Whitely @rosiehw is an art lover too 🌝! Fabulous large scale photography from #richardmisrach
See our, slightly more affordable, range of photography in link in bio 😬
#FindYourOriginal So simple but so stunning 🙈! Abstract art is just so diverse. Are you into the minimalistic or the expressive?? Check out our growing collection in bio 🤗 and #FindYourOriginal Higgs Pier in Florida by award winning fine art photographer David Magee. This image reminds me of the power and vastness of the oceans. Beautiful pink skies are underpinned by deep and churning water in a captivating image 🌊. More details in bio.
And see his work up close at the Mall Galleries London 11-16 September with our partners @noonpowellfineart @davidmageephotography New mission - create a photography wall as beautiful as this 😍. Love the symmetry and the elegance of the black and white photos! Browse our collection of black and whites in bio if you're feeling inspired! #FindYourOriginal Something a little more light hearted for this evening 🐶. 'The dog with the pearl collar' by Victoria Coleman.
Victoria's paintings often feature animals up close and personal and frequently have an element of humour about them, she is inviting people into another world which provokes feelings of familiarity and joy.
#FindYourOriginal with @theweygallery44 It's Friday! 🎉 We've long been admiring the work of Tania Babb. This seated lady is made from 'buttery porcelain' which Tania feels 'has the feeling of human flesh, with all the vulnerability that being human implies.' She likes to capture fleeting moments in clay, where a gesture reveals the depth and nature of these relationships, much like an author would reveal these depths with snippets of dialogue. These small sculptures are a steal! See more in bio! #FindYourOriginal with @monkey_apple 'Icarus' by Richard Wallace. "Some paint what they see, my work projects from within and my themes seem hard-wired, impervious to external influence. Trying to overcome this one time, we loaded the car for a trip to paint the dust and donkey's of Morocco, only to return with a car-full of gorgeous rugs and ceramics, paint-tubes all unsqueezed.  Mine is a life vicariously lived on canvas." #FindYourOriginal with @artzu_gallery This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Although founded at the height of the Cold War in 1958, leading political artist Peter Kennard who has created anti-war images since the 1970's believes the CND's message is more urgent than ever. With Trump with his finger on the button and Russia in the spotlight, what's your thoughts? #FindYourOriginal Abstract art can feel at home in a classic or a contemporary setting. It's all about matching the tones and textures. This pairing is all kinds of beautiful 😍Artist - John Diapolo. Design by Kendall Wilkinson.
#FindYourOriginal A familiar and heartwarming sight for all of you who like to holiday in Cornwall ❤️. Harbour Lights, Salcombe by Mike Bernard.
Mike spent many of his years as a teacher of arts but as his work became more and more sought after he switched to a full time career as an artist. Invited to become a member of the Royal Institute of Painters, his work uses collage and mixed media techniques to bring local elements such as newspaper cuttings into the physical construction of his paintings. Details in bio. #FindYourOriginal with @marinehouseatbeer SOLD - The new border by Frank Schroeder! Don't worry though, plenty more available from the immensely talented French West African artist, who has had comparisons with both Picasso and Basquiat. Frank's work is fast, responsive and instinctive, and is produced on canvas and cardboard. Given his ‘no time to lose’ mindset he favors acrylic because of its rapid drying time often overlaying this with oil pastels and sometimes spray paint. See more in bio! #FindYourOriginal with @urbaneartgallery Tony Laverick specialises in fine porcelain decorated with precious metal lustres. These pieces are often fired as many as six or seven times as the glazes and lustres are layered on top of one another. The results are magnificent though, with real shine and brilliance of colour being achieved. See more in bio! #FindYourOriginal with @trentartgallery and @marinehouseatbeer 'Minister Gold' by Richard Barnes. Yours for only £95! An internationally well regarded painter, Richard is famed for his contemporary depictions of York. For him, York is more than Vikings, castles and teapots: his vibrant portrayals celebrate a city that can compete with any city in the world in terms of progressive, modern energy. Link in bio #FindYourOriginal with @accordingtomcgee Fusing Street art, graffiti and more traditional styles Copyright uses a mixture of classic painting techniques and spray can art. Over the last decade Copyright has been invited to show his work worldwide including sell out solo shows in London and Tokyo and most recently his Precious Damage show which saw him sell all 50 works in 3 hours. Find his work on @artshaus_ details in bio #FindYourOriginal with @_the_contemporary_

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