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Adam Binder was born in 1970 and grew up on a farm in the picturesque surroundings of The Cotswolds, this awakened his senses to the beauty and wonder of the natural world, which has been the inspiration for his art for the last 20 years.
Sculpture felt like a natural progression for the artist, from drawing objects to creating the objects. His skill started when the artist
...was twelve years old. His first passion was for working with clay, creating pots on a potter’s wheel, watching shape and form develop under his nose. This passion for sculpture evolved over time as he began to explore his technical abilities.

Aware that he had a flair for the arts from an early age, he focused all his energies on art where his teachers and contemporaries nurtured his passion for ceramics with enthusiasm. He is now one of Britain’s leading wildlife sculptors of the 21st Century.
Adam engages the viewer through his signature fluid and flowing lines, depicting subtle movement and emotion that beautifully captures the essence of his subjects. The sensibility and balance of each bronze casting are the result of meticulous and dedicated study. Deep earthy patinas complete each piece, making the work so easily identifiable in colour and form.

Adam Binder's connection to nature stems far beyond his ability to sculpt, what drives his work is his passion for conservation.

In the past Adam worked with a leading collectibles company, Harmony Kingdom where he quickly proved to be a major asset to the company. It was during this time that he created his hugely successful signature series, the ‘Roly Poly’ Range, his first venture into animal sculpture.
Adam created a great big 12ft, 700kg bronze sculpture of a polar bear who goes by the name ‘Boris’. The sculpture resided in Sloane Square for 28 days, with the aim of bringing much needed attention to the fact that these animals are facing extinction due to the effects global warming is having on their habitats.

Adam and Harmony Kingdom parted company at the end of 2001 and since then he has been working on his own creations for Adam Binder Editions. He continues to create striking sculptures of wildlife formed out of bronze. Adam’s focus is one where his signature style of sculpture shows simple forms and clean lines, illustrating gracefully both movement and emotion in the animal form in his exquisitely coloured and tactile bronze sculptures.

Adams success lead him to win the prestigious David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year award in 2010 and was elected as a Member of the Society of Wildlife Artists in 2011. It is clear to see why Adam’s work has grown in popularity and is recognised and collected all over the world. Adam’s deep rooted love for nature and conservation saw him complete a 12ft Bronze Polar Bear in 2013 called Monumental ‘Boris’, a bold statement on the ever increasing problem of global warming in the world today. This was highly acclaimed by the City of London and is an important piece to remind us of the conservation efforts made by Adam and others in his field. He is truly one of the UK’s highly favoured wildlife sculptors.

Conservationist, David Shepherd CBE FRSA said: “Bringing conservation and environmental issues to the forefront of people’s minds in this busy, commercial world has always been a monumental task and one that I, through my art, have strived to achieve. So it is fitting that Adam Binder’s first monumental sculpture should be this beautiful polar bear, a species that is, quite literally, on thin ice. If Boris’ lonely vigil in London makes people stop and think, even for a minute, Adam will have achieved his aim.”

Adam Binder says, “We all know that climate change is killing off the planet’s polar bear population, but trade has no doubt contributed to their demise. Hunters selling polar bear skins and parts are making a dangerous and unsustainable dent in wild populations that could be the last straw for the species."

Adam Binder has exhibited his wildlife bronze sculptures at the Henley Festival alongside the likes of Damien Hirst and Alastair Gibson. The beautiful 14 Long Tailed Tits perched on the Drang Gallerys stand at Henley Festival in 2015.
Adam Binder's Collections

His collections vary from petite to large sculptures, each piece intimate and engaging in their own way. From a stunning meter long depiction of Fourteen Long Tailed Tits huddled together on a line, a duo of Bullfinches, confident in their handsome grandeur and red breasts to the magnificent Arctic Stroll, a powerful polar bear, mid stride, captured in time.

Adam’s other collections also portray the diverse realms of land, air and sea animals which are available to view at The Drang Gallery.

In the words of Adam himself…“Nature is my passion and my constant distraction.”
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