Adele Karmazyn artwork for sale and artist biography

Adele Karmazyn was born in Oldham in 1973 and it was not until leaving to study
for her B. A. (Hons) Degree in Textile Art at Winchester School of Art
in 1995, did she leave the over cast hills of the Pennines, now she is based in York.
In 2015 Adele completed a diploma in Children's book illustration
gaining a distinction and it was after this that she turned t
...o using her
camera and photoshop. Though still picking up the paintbrush often and
drawing most days, creating textures,drawing animals and getting the
composition on paper is where each image begins.
Her love of antiques and oddities, old doors and weathered surfaces are the foundations of her Digital Collage work. Bringing people from the past back to full colour and intertwining them with creatures big and small, coupled with delicate foliage, she creates images both sophisticated and playful. Adele often uses idioms, metaphors and musical lyrics for inspiration and to add narrative to her work.

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