Adele Moreau artwork for sale and artist biography

Adele Moreau is a London based artist, who graduated in Fine Art Degree BA from the Chichester University.

Adele's practice involves constructing sculpted books from a variety of found media, mainly 19th Century encyclopaedias and Natural History books.

By re-appropriating discarded items and preserving and enhancing what is often overlooked, she transforms them
... into objects of fascination. The original illustrations are carefully selected page by page and delicately hand-cut out to reveal a hidden narrative while still keeping the integrity of the original book intact.

Adele's carefully crafted books ranges from days to weeks to perfect, depending on the intricacy of the images within them. She finds that handcoloured books take the longest, as it’s a form of miniature painting and she can spend an hour painting just one small butterfly or bird.

When deciding what to create, Adele focuses on the individual theme of each book, usually the natural world, science or astronomy. She experiments with the images, attempting to figure out different combinations until she finds the correct image. For Adele, she knows when the image start to have a dialogue with each others within the book and a story unfolds, but never quite knows what to expect from these outcomes. This lengthy artistic process is surprising for the artist, as she allows each book to take shape and evolve its own narrative.

Adele has taken part in the Swedish Affordable Art Fair and exhibited at the Edwards Lane Gallery in London. Her work shows promise, as she continues to grow as an artist.
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