Artist Biography - Adrian Marden

It might be argued that our consumer society is wasteful with too many commodities unfairly distributed and advertising feeding on our vulnerability and dissatisfaction. However, this material culture has provided many with a ‘quality of life’ that would not have been enjoyed in the recent past and is unobtainable in numerous parts of the world.
Marden’s current artwork cele
...brates some of the benefits we enjoy. His images explore what Jasper Johns called “things looked at but rarely seen”. With inspiration from Michael Craig Martin and Patrick Caulfield "my digital drawings celebrate and document everyday items. They are limited edition prints cataloguing the careful crafting of the forms and the detailed finishes of ‘Everyday Things’ which sadly we either ignore or discard.
Whilst we may re-cycle the materials used to make many of these items we throw away or ignore the objects which demonstrate the ingenuity of their designers and the inventiveness of their manufacturers. Many of these mundane items are linked with social and environmental concerns that need careful consideration."
There is no computer trickery or photographic technique involved. The software provides a set of drawing tools and like any printmaking process offers both possibilities and limitations. He works within these constraints, using a limited pallet and hard-edged shapes to depict these items.
The images are exhibited, often much enlarged and cut out, to focus attention on the abstract quality of the elements of the drawing.
Adrian studied Fine Art at Portsmouth before working in the design industry and in consultancy. Subsequently I entered art & design education, co-creating then running the unique multidiscipline design course at Goldsmiths’ College and later becoming Head of School at the University of Hertfordshire.
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