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Alan Knight was born in Swinton, Lancashire in 1949. He worked as a professional musician during the 1970s and 80s. He always had a love for the visual arts. His completion of a Foundation Art and Design course at Salford University in 1989 was the start of a serious commitment to painting.

Having painted in an abstract manner for several years Alan Knight gradually felt
... the need for his art to be “rooted in the real.” He moved to a representational form of expression and focused on landscapes and seascapes.

Knight has a love of the physical stuff of oil paint. He likes to apply it thickly with a painting knife. He enjoys the texture and richness of colour that this method produces. He is passionate about the painting process and always needs to be excited by a subject before beginning painting. He like to convey the sense and pleasure that he has felt in making the painting.

In recent years Alan has become more and more established as a leading Northern painter, and his passion for the landscape, whether it urban or rural, is a breath of fresh air in a genre crowded with mills and chimneys. This is reinforced by several successful solo exhibitions around the UK, and features in Cheshire Life magazine.
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