Artist Biography - Alex Bertaina

Alex is a self-taught painter and was born in Turin in 1963, he lives and work in Cuneo in North West Italy.
‘Since I was a child drawing has been to me a prime channel of expression, I remember that at school I enjoyed making pictures from the incomprehensible scribbling of my classmates.
My training came at first from the late Marco Lattes, who helped me to correct gaps
... in my knowledge of working with watercolour. In the early 1990’s I had a close pictorial association with my friend Pierpaolo Giraudo with whom I shared a trip to the Aosta Valley in search of picturesque views.
Vertical or horizontal cuts and superimposing interplays, dismantled and dense images that look like rainbow geometries full of light and colour; which reflects its vibrancy and brilliance.
Painting is for me this dreamed landscape.’
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