Artist Biography - Ali Barker

Music is a major influence on Ali Barker’s work. She creates visual representations of music and sound in colour, inspired by her sound-colour synaesthesia – when she listens to music, each note of the musical scale is perceived as a different colour.

Many of Ali’s paintings are based on geometric forms, ranging from transcribed music to patterns derived from recorded so
...unds. Other paintings are instinctive synaesthetic responses made by directly applying the colours to the paper or canvas whilst listening to the music, or a combination of these styles. The music can be Ali’s choice, or chosen by a client for a commission.

In 2011 Ali Barker won Merseytravel’s Art on the Network competition ‘Design a New Skyline’, for the Queensway (Birkenhead) Tunnel. Her ‘Liverpool Composition’ and ‘Wirral Composition’ designs were made into murals on the new cladding, approximately 5m high and 22m wide, and are public artworks on permanent display at each end of the tunnel.

Originally from Sheffield, Ali moved to Merseyside in 1995. In her spare time, she plays violin and viola in several local amateur orchestras.
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