Alice Hall artwork for sale and artist biography

Alice Hall is originally from London but is now based in Berlin.

Alice Hall's work is a personal journey, a compilation of thoughts. Photography is the tool with which she makes sense of herself and her surroundings.

Her interest lies in the levels of the world that through our 5 senses we perceive but cannot fully understand. She brings to life images that are f
...illed with colours and play with perspective; images that show the world in a way that cannot be seen with the naked eye alone. They act as mirrors to the viewer and reflect back to them their thoughts of the world, shaped by their imagination and beliefs.
Colour psychology is a fundamental element and the lack of clear subject matter makes it easier to explore how the colours within the frame subconsciously evoke different emotional responses. The ultimate aim is to show the beauty of the world and offer the idea that within it there may be hidden layers that we need to feel and not see. The images refer to the idea of creation itself and their transient and ethereal nature hint that perhaps what we deem to be abstract images are closer to our reality than we are aware of.
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