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Alice Mumford RWA, a graduate of Camberwell School of Art, Southwark College of Art and Dartington Hall, has been based in Cornwall for the past 30 years. An admirer of Bonnard, Matisse and Winifred Nicholson, Mumford takes full advantage of the particular Cornish light and is known for her extreme competence in interpreting this through her favoured still lifes and interior su...bjects.

Of her work Alice says:

"I spend a long time setting up a still life, putting things in and then taking them out. At a certain point it becomes irresistible to paint, and I start. I remain immersed in painting until it has a completeness. Then I have to change gear; take the painting away from the subject, consider all options, and make some small adjustments over many months."

Over the years Alice has won a number of awards and garnered numerous loyal fans and collectors. Professor Richard Demarco CBE explains what he enjoys about her work –

"The true artist must reveal the spiritual dimension which lies at the heart of ordinary and lowly objects. Alice Mumford is such an artist...Her objects have at one in the same time a prosaic and a dramatic nature and symbolise the presence of human beings and the mystery of their daily lives. She instilled in English flavour into the still life tradition and, in her profound understanding and joyful handling of oil paint, can be likened to Winifred Nicholson and the School of St Ives."

Her brush strokes animate the surface of paper, canvas and board. The light of day is a basic and integral part of creation. Alice Mumford sees it as a blessing. Her chosen objects are certainly not still. They have a shimmering quality suggesting almost imperceptible movement.”

Alice paints as if there is a light coming from within the canvas, and in seeing the work in the flesh, one appreciates her skill in handling paint in this mysterious way. A certain humility accompanies Mumford's approach in which the 'new and shiny' is sidelined for a constant and refreshing re-invention of the fundamental and timeless language of painting.

Alice continues to teach life drawing and painting at St. Ives School of Painting.
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