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Alisa Lim A Po was born in 1975 in Holland. She studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Holland and started a career in advertising. As her career progressed, the artists true calling drew her back to making sublime semi-figurative pieces, which maintain elements of abstraction. Her works are beautiful and daring work, art that deals with the multifaceted nature of society and... our place within it.
Sine childhood, Lim A Po wanted to be an artist, sparking her decision to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Hertogenbosch. After some wandering in the world of advertising and design, she believes she is where she belongs, stating 'Art truly delights, but it is also a task, a mission to make something that has meaning.'

As an artist, she draws on the complexities of human nature. Her work is a sublime representation of the existential; these stunning pieces resonate with a profound sense of humanity combined with distinctive technique, creating a visually stunning effect. Drawing inspiration from life, the artist reflects experiences on universal social behaviour, referring to matters such as honesty, trust and love, then juxtaposing them with bleak aspects of life, such as sadness, fear and isolation.

The use of acrylic on a smooth metallic surfaces makes for an underlying tension between the paint and the surface. The distinctive technique makes for layered work, at times thick and rich in texture and at others almost transparent. The use of acrylic on a smooth hydrophobic surface -like aluminium and copper- makes for an underlying tension between the paint and the surface.

This dichotomy in application is reflected in the ideas and concept behind the work. The material is all, the application allows for these heads and outline to find their own presence, at times powerfully present, with a thickly worked up surface and others softer and more ethereal, virtually disappearing into the picture plane. We are in realm of the real, the unchangeable in contrast with the subconscious thoughts and the sense of otherness.
As the artist works on such a large scale, her big pieces transform the spaces they occupy. They are elegant, sophisticated and indulgent. The nature of Lim A Po's artworks create an atmosphere of class and sophistication, as their timeless beauty is accentuated through their scale.
The artist is permanently developing her work and techniques, meaning that her work varies in subject, with some works containing more abstract elements than others. However each of her work maintains the same air of subliminal awe that can only be produced by truly great artists.

Her work has been in exhibitions all across Europe,
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