Alistair Little artwork for sale and artist biography

Alistair began his artistic career in his late teens in film and television, where he focused on model-making and design.

After three years in the film and television industries, at the young age of 22, Alistair turned to two dimensional art to train and work as a freelance commercial illustrator. It was here that he developed his ability for accurate figurative work - b
...uilding up a strong knowledge of draughtsmanship, which still remains the backbone of his work today.

During this time he worked almost exclusively in markers and pencils creating an independent comic strip and graphic design work along with storyboard work for the advertising industry. However, after four years he started experimenting with paint and hasn’t looked back since.

Through early exhibitions in local galleries his work gained in confidence and found its own unique identity. Since 2005 he has been represented by the Pall Mall gallery Panter & Hall. Through Panter & Hall his work has featured in several solo shows, a number of group exhibitions and many London based and International Art Fairs. Alistair’s work has also been featured in several calendars and on greetings cards and Books covers.

Alistair’s work is influenced by a great love of twentieth century cinema, especially films of the 50’s and 60’s and the Film Noir genre. His early experience in the film industry taught him the technique of capturing a wider story in the confines of one still image.

Each of Alistair’s paintings burst with cinematic tension, his models are carefully posed and dressed to play a well-choreographed role within a cleverly lit backdrop. Through the use of strong tones and high contrast he strives to achieve a feeling of mood and intensity. His use of chiaroscuro serves to heighten the drama, throwing his protagonists into half shadow or obscuring a face with a carefully tilted trilby.

The effect remains spell binding, his talent for story telling is prodigious, every work fraught with narrative tension and unanswered questions.

In addition to Panter & Hall Alistair has also exhibited with The Osborne Studio Gallery, Knightsbridge, The Mansfield Park Gallery, Glasgow, The Caelem Gallery in New York and The Drang Gallery in Cornwall.

His work is held in the private collections of Jack Vettriano and Michelle Dotrice.
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