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Andrew Coates is renowned for his meticulous pointillist style, creating paintings which are photorealistic in nature.

Andrew was born in Mitcham, Surrey in 1955 but his family soon emigrated to New Zealand when he was just three. The land of blue skies and amazing vistas was a major influence on the young artist, although, early on he was more interested in cubism than
... the refined landscapes he is now renowned for today.

Andrew's natural artistic ability shone out at an early age - at just 15 he was entering art competitions and amongst others, he was awarded first prize at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

Andrew went to study fine arts at Illam University, but after just a week, unhappy with the course, he left and built a studio in his parent's garden. At 17 years of age, Andrew spent the next four years learning and developing techniques as a painter alone.

During this time, Andrew became the youngest Merit Member of the Canterbury Society of Arts (CSA) in New Zealand. He went on to hold three one man exhibitions at the CSA. The inclusion of his work for the first time in the annual Summer Exhibition at the CSA brought the following review:

"Among the many oils and water colours are accomplished works by the young A.S. Coates which show his technical brilliance".

Whether highly praised by one critic or damned by faint praise by another, he was always described as 'technically brilliant'. Over the course of his career Andrew continued to develop his meticulous pointillist style.

Demanding a painstaking attention to detail, his style is representational, precise, almost photographic, but with the extra dimensions of mood and depth. Sometimes taking over one month to complete a painting. Andrew’s prowess lies in bringing to life landscapes, creating images that are almost hypnotic in their attraction, through his subtle treatment of light and shadows on the landscape.

Andrew has exhibited at the Royal Academy and he won the Goldline Award for landscape painting at the Mall Galleries. Three leading New Zealand public galleries still show his work.

His paintings are collected worldwide, Dame Kiri te Kanawa the famous opera singer collects his works amongst others. He continues to be an widely celebrated artist with a worldwide following, whose work commands prices up to £15,000.
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