Andrew Dillon artwork for sale and artist biography

Andrew Dillon was born in Folkestone, Kent of Irish parents. Andrew has also lived in the UK, Brazil and Spain.

Andrew grew up watching bad kung fu movies, dodgy science fiction and fantasy movies and anything starring Doug McClure or Peter Cushing. These influences are all reflected in his subject matter. So here you will find mad scientists, giant pelicans, kung fu br
...awls, sea monsters, strange flying machines and the odd Victorian spy dressed as a lion.

Andrew is also a keen aviation artist, specializing in WWI themes. In 2012 he won the Bonham Trophy and Award for best group of paintings at the annual Guild of Aviation Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London and in 2014 he won the Aviation Painting of the Year Award at the same exhibition.

Andrew is now a full time painter, and his whimsical works in oil and acrylic can be seen adorning some of the finest walls across the planet.

His paintings have been exhibited in New York, London and Melbourne and have sold around Europe and in the USA.
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