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The striking and elegant sculpture of Andrew Revell explores the use of space and material to create abstract forms, which echo those created during the turn of the 20th Century in both Northern Europe and Russia as what is now known as 'Anglo-European Modernism'.

Whilst influences upon artists' lives are myriad, complex and ever evolving, the earliest m
...aybe the strongest as is the case with Andrew. He says that the influence of his maternal Grandparents has endured, with the pattern-cutting of his seamstress Grandmother and metal shop of her precision engineer husband, set the foundation for a love of making and artistic exploration - qualities that are apparent in the crisp interlocking forms of the planar steel sculptures.

Andrew studied sculpture briefly at Farnham art school then Cheltenham Art College, and in 1990 he graduated and secured his first public sculpture commission whilst still a student. He then set up a studio in Bristol's Artspace on Spike Island for the decade whilst working as a medical sculptor and product designer. Several public and private commissions followed over the years including notably artworks for the Museum of Science & Industry, Imperial War Museums, Sustrans and architectural clients in the South East.

Settling in London, he worked in West End theatres and in the television industry, developing his sculpture practice in studio groups in Dalston and then ACAVA in West London. Subsequently he has become a sought after sculpture tutor for both his creative insight and craft skills, working at Morley College and the London Sculpture Workshop, and has continued to regularly exhibit with and contributed to the contemporary sculpture community.

Marriage brought him an international family and regular trips to Japan where he indulges his enthusiasm for a variety of inspiring traditional arts and crafts. The sensual patina finish on Andrew's steel sculptures are a hard won investigation into reproducing the rich oxidation found on Japanese "nambu tekki" ironware.

In the studio Andrew Revell always has several artworks underway at any one time and organises these series based on approach rather than material, the two main series are "Tektons" and "Groks".

The Grok series explore the possibilities of improvised construction, without prior drawing or maquette, utilising both new stock, found objects and discarded materials. To “grok” is to dwell in the ‘zone’, in the moment, engaged therein without division between thought and action – mind and body."

The Tekton series start in a more traditional mode with a three dimensional sketch - a "maquette" and often with a conceptual rule such as the compositional possibilities available from a single plane of rigid material.
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