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Andrew Robinson studied at Manchester School of Art, and has recently studied his Masters Degree at Edinburgh University. He now lives and works in Liverpool.

Robinson’s subject matter is rooted in philosophy and art history, as well as in sci-fi aesthetics that fascinate the artists, and everyday objects. His interests are often reflected in the titles of his work.
...em>"I found literature in school very stagnant, I had no idea if there was any other kinds of books. I remember a friend had a copy of Lord of the rings. The sheer size of it was enough to put me off. So my first book after school was Clive Barker's Weaveworld and Giger's Necronomicon. I loved how Barker created worlds within worlds and these weird and wonderful characters.

After finishing school Sci Fi had become this huge phenomenon after the release of films like Alien, Aliens and Bladerunner. This just increased my whole interest in fantasy and escapism and I think this influence is just as strong today."
In his work Robinson seems to dissect reality into its smallest constituents and then reassemble it into a new narrative through material qualities of oil paint and experimental marks. His reinvented, broken objects are intended to surprise the viewers, engage them to create their own narratives and nostalgic reminiscence. His most favoured material to use is oil paint with charcoal and pens.
"At times I have a story. But it is transformed into a more abstract form, devoid of politics or pop culture, and so cements itself into the world of the Grimm's (fairytales). I guess this goes back to my academic studies of equating representation with rhetoric. In my paintings there may be forms and characters, but there is no 'good or evil'.

I remember making a painting that I wrote, 'make it so.' It is what the audience determines it should be. For me the abstract form has the capacity to be open and personal to the viewer. I try never to go too far into the realm of realist."

He has recently exhibitied in group exhibitions which include Bankley Gallery, Manchester, Open Call Exhibition, Chapel house Gallery Ormskirk, Liverpool, Open exhibition in which he won first prize and PS Mirabel, Manchester, “Spectrum”.
Read an Interview with Andrew Robinson here.
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