Andy Hopper artwork for sale and artist biography

Andy Hopper is a British Artist, Sculptor and Master Blacksmith who specialises in hot-forging & formation of high-grade stainless steel and bronze, designed & crafted to create original abstract contemporary sculpture.

He has received international acclaim having won awards for his work, most notably the highly prestigious Tonypandy Cup in 2014 awarded by The Wo
...rshipful Company of Blacksmiths for the Stainless Steel and Bronze staircase handrail, 'The River Flows'. The Globe Theatre Gates in London also won this Award in 1995.

Enjoying the physical process of sculpting metal he uses large industrial machinery, power hammers, hydraulic presses, forges and furnaces and a thousand other tools to heat, cut, join, bend, forge and deform the metal to his will.

Each piece represents some idea or meaning for him. For example, of the Abstract Seedling or Young Plant sculpture he says .... "This work is biographical. The Seed Pods represent new beginnings growing out from a very difficult period in my personal life. The bright, courageous growth growing out of the hard granite rock."
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