Andy Vaines artwork for sale and artist biography

Andy Vaines is a commercially trained photographer, but has recently returned to print sales concentrating on his own personal work and selling images as 'Not-to-Scale Photography'.

'Not-to-Scale Photography' takes an irreverent peek at the world around and tries to record it without adherence to set preferences, traditional methods or overworked scales of reference.
The image, the subject and the story is everything and Andy employs whatever technical approaches he can to create a visual context within his work; an old and new school mash-up resorting to any means to get the look of an image just right!

He’s peculiarly interested in geometry, mechanisms, cogs, curves and angles but tempers this with a love of patterns, repetition, interruptions, broken edges and blank walls. Andy’s subjects tend to be a blend of materials and found objects whether naturally occurring or man-made. He concentrates on collections and produces triptychs as well as one-off observations that often result in not-to-scale abstract images.

Not always to scale or to the right size, not always the right shape or with the right borders and not necessarily square or rectangular. Not always with the right film and mostly with aged and expired stock. He doesn’t always use the right lens on the right camera and images are not always error free and often use processing errors as part of the picture.
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