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Anke Birnie was born in 1943 in the Netherlands, where she currently lives and works. She studied at Artibus Academy in Utrecht for Interior Design and Sculpting and Free Academy in Alkmaar for sculpting.

The stunning bronze sculptures created by Anke Birnie are all unusually “one off” pieces rather than an edition and therefore each one is unique. Anke is fascinated in
...portraying an image of the natural earthly element “air” combined with the human element “motion”. The successful resistance of the body in the wind is tangible to the beholder. The sculpture stands as solid as a rock and at the same time one is touched by the sense of movement. The long limbs and the swirling clothing are both a feature of her work and also reflect the process of the sculpture’s production: Anke uses textiles with wax to create the work.

Recently, Birnie focuses on the relationship between her figures and their suroundings. She places her figures sitting on a low wall, then she adorns the walls of the house with these figures. Emotional sensations seem to radiate from them, almost evolve from a three dimensional into a two dimensional form of art. By the end of the process, the low wall supporting the bronze figure is not necessary at all and the sculpting solution Birnie arrives at is highly contemporary: hanging her figures. In this way the three dimensional aspect has entered her innovative works of art in a new manner.

Those who follow art history will recognise, the influence of Alberto Giacometti and traces of his contemporaries, such as Germaine Richier. Such influence is down to her professional education in art, at the Artibus Academy in Urecht. During her early years, she visited many international exhibitions of the leading sculptors she admired. Inline with most good artists, the influence of the great masters can be traced through her work, but Anke Birnie has innovatively developed her own style.

She has exhibited internationally and has featured in many publications including the Sunday Times. Her work is in possesion of municipalities, Government, companies, individuals in the Netherlands and worldwide. Works of art by Anke Birnie are represented in several corporate collections, all on view to the public and in private collections of a great many art connoisseurs worldwide.
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