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Anne Blundell is based on the Lancashire Coast, and grew up in Southport. It is here that Anne has found much inspiration both at home and on holiday, which contributes to her lively naïve paintings.
Anne attended an all girls grammar school and became a Registered Nurse. After marrying she joined a local company and over the years became the head of a National Metrology La
...boratory. Throughout her working career she painted for friends and family. Now her children have grown up she has been able to give up full time work to concentrate on painting.
She often works in oils and watercolour but favours mainly acrylics because she enjoys the range of textures and interesting effects you can achieve with them. She is constantly learning new techniques and experimenting with exciting use of different media and styles of painting and am very much inspiration led.
Spending much time on her barge allows Anne to travel the country gathering inspiration for her art as she goes. Anne loves the simplicity of this work, where perspective rules don't apply leaving the artist free to capture the true essence of the scene. Many of the recurring characters in her work tell the tale of daily life.
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