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Anne Butler was born in 1959 and is an artist living and working in Scotland, she is based in Dumfries and Galloway. She began painting in her forties after studying at Leith School of Art.

Her abstract landscapes and floral works are executed in bold palette
knife and brush strokes, and her fantastic use of colour is instinctive
and joyous. Anne paints in a free
... and loose style responding to the Scottish landscape, weather and seasons. The artists inspiration has developed from visits to the West coast of Scotland, the Solway Coast and the landscape around her studio in Dumfries & Galloway. Colour is very important to her as she believes colour can change moods and she can spend a long time getting the colour she is happy with.
Anne's paintings are often landscapes or abstractions of them. Colour and light are more important to the artist than form, as colour is used to evoke emotion and create a sense of mystery. The finished paintings range from almost totally abstract compositions revealing a sense of place to more easily recognisable landscapes.

Anne paints in acrylic, building up layers and scraping back to revealing the colours beneath. She often works “en plein air” and in all weathers. Anne tends to work quite quickly, sometimes “wet-on-wet” and responds instinctively to what emerges on the canvas.

Some of Anne's artworks seem to emerge quite unexpectedly, where as others take a long time until the artists feels they are just finished. If Anne is not satisfied with any part of the painting, even if it is a small detail, she usually ends up changing the whole thing.
Anne has recently been collaborating with a poet and selected canvases have poems on the back. She has exhibited extensively in Scotland, the Borders and Northern England.
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