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Anne Farrall Doyle was born in Cheshire, England and studied at Stockport College of Art, following which she spent an informative period in an Advertising Agency, eventually working as a free-lance artist whilst gaining an international reputation as a Figurative & Fashion Artist. Anne now lives and works in Herefordshire.

After many years experimenting and using mo mediums, Anne now finds oils and mixed media gives her the means to work freely, always excited and involved within this partnership of creation.
After many years experimenting and using most mediums, watercolour initially, graduating into oils and now mixed media allows her to work freely. She likes her paintings to have a spontaneous look.

Anne's work usually starts after a morning sketch, planning and sourcing materials the moment arrives when she is drawn to her project. She works quickly to get her idea's onto paper; hands flying and shaping around the canvas, finding balance and form, eventually when all is evolving, she begins to work on another level of intuition, this is where she is trusting to her inspiration and experience, through memory and emotions, creating textures and multiple layers.

Anne's work has evolved from the representational, through impressionism to presently tapping into new areas of exploration whereby creating a story or emotion without an observational subject. Taking now, inspiration from the natural world.

Anne has won awards such as the S.A.A Artist of the Year 2017, the Best Professional ABSTRACT or EXPERIMENTAL work and she was shortlisted for the Society of Marine Artist 2017 award.

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