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Ashley Cook graduated from Glasgow School of Art in Postgraduate Printmaking. She was the Screenprinting technician at GSA after graduating, then lecturer in Printmaking there until 1995.

She has won several international awards, exhibiting internationally and has undertaken funded artist residencies in Canada, Iceland, USA, Mexico, Spain and West Africa.

Cook cr
...eates works that are narrative, focusing on the human form, with the titles having a central position.

She creates photo-montage illusionist environments from disparate sources. Working with a mixture of found images and her own autographic and photographic images; she utilises an eclectic library of personal and archetypal iconography which she reuses, redevelops and manipulates continuously. Along with an intense palette of colour opposites that create a dreamlike and sometimes nocturnal quality to her work.

"My early work centred around notions of gender, sexuality and identity. In many ways these themes are still recurrent in my prints, however I feel my current work is much less personal and more humorous in its outlook. The work is narrative, with the titles having a central position. The visual narrative resonates with the written titles to provide a space for the viewer to interpret a suggested scenario or emotion.

I work with a mixture of found images and my own autographic and photographic images. These form a massive library collected over my life; an eclectic range of personal and archetypal iconography that is constantly growing. I reuse and transfigure these images, manipulating them manually or via the computer relevant to the intention of each print."

Cook has work in a number of prestigious collections nationally and internationally including: the Scottish Arts Council; The BBC, Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery, Glasgow; The Vaasa Museum, Finland and Galeria Otra Vez, Los Angeles.

She now lives and works in Glasgow with a studio in The Briggait and makes limited edition prints at Glasgow Print Studio.
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