Beccy Marshall artwork for sale and artist biography

Beccy Marshall was born in West Penwith, in a small village that lies under the granite tors and moorlands that link the North coast to the South. She studied A level Art and Ceramics at Cornwall College and later under Colin Scott at Penzance Art School.

Influenced by Scandinavian Folk Art and by the heritage of West Cornwall painters, Beccy focuses on texture and colo
...ur, keeping her paintings simple and symbolic. Her paintings often feature subjects you can find in your own home, such as a bowl of fruit or the view from the livingroom. Her work has the feel of a childrens illustrative book, delicate and soft.

Over the years she has sold her work to a large number of private and corporate art collectors and more recently found further success showing across the Atlantic on the Island of Nantucket, off the shores of Cape Cod in the USA.
She currently is working in West Cornwall alongside her husband, Ben Marshall, who specialises in Furniture and Timber Studio Buildings.
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