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Ben Jeffery was born in 1986 and grew up in Barnet, north London. He always had a keen interest in art ever since his grandfather introduced him to the work of John Varley, the renowned 18th Century watercolour artist. As Varley was a relative of the Jeffery’s family, Ben decided to follow in his footsteps and become a painter.

First realising he wanted to be an artist secondary school. Ben and a few classmates used to have bets to see who could draw the best portrait each other. He really enjoyed going to school and showing them his portraits to see their reaction. Ben painted a portrait of his dad for a mock GCSE exam, which was admired by the entire art class.

Ben continued to study Art to degree level and received a lot of guidance and advice throughout the years though his technique is mostly self-taught. His passion for painting with oils and come up with colourful detailed painting; this wasn’t always well received by his tutors. It was during this time, developed methods and techniques to get the mark making he wanted with oil paints. Experimentation with the oil paint led to new ways of controlling the medium, resulting in his signature style.

Although Ben always has a basic composition in mind, he loosely uses his brush, allowing it to come up with shapes, and his choice of palette is spontaneous. The artist works in two stages; starting with a base layer which he works upon, layer by layer, later leaving the piece for a day or so, before returning to look at it again, picking up on areas that need changing.

Starting his career working in an Art Gallery in London, Ben surrounded himself with paintings and worked with people who had the same passion for art. During this inspirational time, Ben decided he wanted to sell his own work and not other people’s, coming to the conclusion ‘if these artists can do it, then why can’t I?’

Working with diverse subject matters, from portraits to landscapes in both pencil and oils, Ben has a passion for working with vibrant colours to create a unique and contemporary style. Due to Ben’s passion for Sci-Fi movies and special effects, he aspired to a career as a concept artist for films and video games, but was drawn back to the depth and intimacy of painting. However, his time working with digital painting has inspired his imagery and technique.

Ben is now working full time as a freelance artist living locally in Herefordshire. As well as Sci-Fi and special effects, Ben takes influence from views around him: Herefordshire countryside and the Isle of Harris are both areas of natural beauty Ben admires and which impact his artistic practice.
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