Ben Wainwright artwork for sale and artist biography

Ben Wainwright was born in Manchester in the late sixties where his artistic talent shone through at an early age drawing and painting whenever possible.

Showing great artistic talent during his youth, Ben began his career as a graphic designer but always had the ambition to become a professional artist. He kept painting and developed his unique approach, resulting in e
...xciting and collectable work.

Over a period of time Ben has developed a style of painting featuring aspects of city, town and countryside in a monochrome style, enhancing each picture with an element of colour surprise.

Ben’s paintings capture aspects of the city and natural life. City scenes often draw upon the frenetic nature of the environment with traffic laden streets flanked by tall buildings and busy sidewalks. He captures life both in the UK and across the pond and his catchy works have a vintage, cinematic quality.

Ben is a truly talented and gifted artist who's artwork is exciting, detailed and highly collectable.
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