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Bill Bate was born in Liverpool in 1962 and is a graduate in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in London.

Over a number of years Bill has developed a striking and dramatic style based on the human form, taking his influences from the Italian Renascence Period and the early work of Gustav Klimt.

Bill has always been inspired by the human figure and the effect li
...ght has upon it. He has used various ways of portraying the body such as dance and also boxing but it is the body itself that interest him rather than the activities in particular. It is the physicality of the form and the beauty of the athletic figure that makes him want to paint.

He is known for his characteristic use of dramatic light and nebulous, smoky auras, which evoke a sense of mystery, atmosphere and even spirituality. The paintings are emotionally charged using light and shadow as well as rich and contrasting colour.

Bill says he usually has an idea of how he wants the painting to look but in some pieces the original idea moves into something else and he leaves some of the older workings, the initial sketches and drawings as he loves to leave that “energy” visible.

"I work from dark to light, laying on dark brown or blue washes as a ground, and build up from there whilst still wet. I will work on a canvas for a few hours before leaving it to dry. I work on 2 or 3 canvases in this way returning to them with fresh eyes. I aim to achieve ‘tight’ realism in parts of a painting whilst in other areas leaving it loose and less defined.I want the paint to have a life of its own and so leave its application quite loose at times. I endeavour to escape the confines that realism can impose, leaving more expression and less constraint.”

He conducts a lot life drawing for reference but information and ideas come from all areas, films, books and magazines are all utilized to reinforce the overall imagery in the painting. Klimt, Bacon, Schiele , Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Waterhouse are some of the artists that he has studied and that have had a great influence on his work.

Since graduating Bill has had a very successful career, exhibiting regularly in top London galleries and abroad in Milan and Venice.
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