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Bonnie and Clyde is a contemporary British artist who develops mixed media collages and print-work constructed from urban imaginary. Working with varying mediums, Bonnie and Clyde's work is comprised of screen-prints and large-scale original collages alongside 3D installations.

Steph Burnley, the creative mind behind Bonnie and Clyde, studied 3D Design at Kingston Univer
...sity, before setting up her own graphic design business in Manchester, where she did a large quantity of campaigns, book sleeves, illustrations and even t-shirts.

She then headed to Brighton with her beloved cameras – and learnt the art of screen-printing… her career path was created.

An avid fan of Pop Art and photography she uses collage, type, paint, illustration and photography to produce magnificent prints and mixed media originals. Layers consist of photographic elements taken with a rangefinder camera combined with painted photographs, texture, words, found images and blocks of colour, to create abstract scenes.

As well as being inspired by architecture Bonnie and Clyde admires many artists, Tracey Emin, Linda Sterling, Peter Blake, Bill Viola and Laurie Anderson to name a few, but she finds all other creative avenues equally inspiring from music, film and architecture to design and photography.

Travelling is a vital component of Bonnie and Clyde’s art and it appears to be the architecture of a city that really grabs Bonnie and Clyde’s attention. She loves the graphic nature of Modernist buildings and the repetitive patterns of skyscrapers and high-rises. Her cool collages have transported us from Havana’s curious skyline, to palm tree lined Venice beach and the gritty streets of New York City.
Taking from her own pool of photographs and visual imagery, Bonnie and Clyde works with a combination of monochrome and highly saturated areas of colour. The artist collages using textured paint, elements of distressed paper and magazine cuttings, to represent the beautiful, messy, vibrant and chaotic nature of life in the city. This is a combination of digital and tactile processes, which shift back and forth, playing with layers of material, until the final collage or screen print takes shape.
Through the artists bricolage perspective, each of her pieced together abstracted images tells a tale: a dizzying, non-linear narrative of the individual, navigating the dualistic city which is always both mundane and beautiful, terrifying and magnetic.

Bonnie and Clyde works from her studio in Brighton. She currently exhibits with a number of galleries across the country and sells at art fairs internationally, as well as working on commissions for private collectors. Notable shows include Lilford Gallery, Canterbury, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London, and the Leeds College of Art exhibition ‘Subterraneans’, where her work was shown alongside artists Kim Gordon, Yoko Ono, and Gavin Turk.
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