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Carl Cashman is a contemporary artist based in Devon, who creates stunning, vibrant neon colored op-art, a genre he has coined “neometry”, or neon geometry. The artists work is inspired by, in his words, “a wellspent youth playing pixelated games and dancing in disused warehouses.”

Carl originally studied art at Dartington College of Arts and graduated from there in 2008
.... He cites Bridget Riley, M C Escher and the Beautiful Losers as major artistic influences.

Some of Carl’s work is painted using UV reactive paint, which adds a further visual element to the pieces when seen in the right environment, otherwise he uses just acrylic paint. Each piece is hand drafted by the artist using a ruler, pencil, art tape, a compass and a protractor.
The artists ideas start from a simple doodle. The artist believes that draughtsmanship as a skill on its own should appreciated as computers have removed a lot of the effort from creating works of art. Music is one of the artists main inspirations, as he loves festivals and is mainly found in dance tents.

The works are hypnotic, at times bordering on the hallucinatory, and blur the distinction between digital and analogue forms. Entirely executed by hand, the paintings are crisp, precise and graphically decisive, though clearly hand crafted rather than digitally produced. Cashman creates his imagery in the absence of any digital means, relying exclusively on a sketch pad, pencil, tape and acrylic paint. These electric hued pieces sit on the cusp somewhere between grid-inspired modernism and contemporary psychedelia. His process relies on the detailed draftsmanship he has perfected in recent years, an emphasis he decided to discipline following an abandoned foray into stencil-based work.

Carl is a rising star in the street art scene and can often be spotted around Europe at street art festivals. Carl produced a huge version of his “Love Hurts” piece on a 100ft wall at the 2016 Glastonbury music festival.

We stock prints and original canvases by Carl Cashman, and can also arrange commissions
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