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Caroline Deane graduated from the British School in Rome, Beijing’s Central Academy of Art and London’s Byam Shaw School of Art.

Caroline describes herself as a classically influenced contemporary artist. She was influenced by Cezanne, Vuillard Bonnard, the later still life series of Manet and sometimes Van Gogh, because of the monumental quality of their works contrasti with the modest domestic subject matter. She also draws much inspiration from ancient Chinese philosophy.
During her most recent year in Beijing, in 2009/10, circumstances fortuitously led her to a different style of work. Without an available model, she began working on her still life oil series. This was based the streets and surroundings of Beijing.

Caroline paints largely on linen or a pre-prepared coloured surface, it’s voice always leaking through and sometimes contributing to the statement. Ultimately her paintings constitute layers of time, observation of colour mixed, chasing the light to tell a consistent story. Now she is alternating between oil painting and figure drawing.
Now Caroline is back in London. She is constantly on the lookout for subject matter, often finding it in Portobello market.
Caroline has been exhibiting successfully in London since the mid 1980s and has recently drawn attention from the Chinese art collecting community, recently showing a series of her still life works at the Liliji Art Gallery in Beijing. She has lectured on contemporary British art at one of the leading art schools in China. Caroline
has also been exhibited regularly with several central London art
galleries. In addition to this she has been featured annually in
national art fairs both in and outside of London since 2002.
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