Artist Biography - Catherine Carmyllie

Catherine is a visual artist working with paint, print, felt & stitch. The artists practice explores contrasts of colour, surface and texture in a individual & vibrant way. Distinctive & tactile, her pieces present the ordinary as extraordinary.
Following her studies in textiles at Huddersfield University, Catherine embarked on a career in the fashion industry, both the UK and Europe. After 15 great years, she has recently returned to artistic endeavours full time, her true passion. Despite always having a passion for art, the decision to leave her career and become a full time artist was admittedly scary. However to the present day, Catherine has no regrets and could not imagine doing anything else with her life.

Liverpool based Catherine is influenced by her surroundings, both the changeable landscape and by contrast, the static and industrial city. The Coastline provides her with evocative scenes, which she translates into dramatic visuals through her art. The crumbling warehouses close by, flaking away, reveal the hues of another time, utilitarian geometry presented with charm and mystery.

The work is heavily process driven and constructed by layers of collage, modroc, paint, ink, oil pastel and metallic foils. This diverse range of media allows for exciting experimentation with colour and texture. Catherine looks to represent contrasts of surface and atmosphere in exciting, distinctive ways.
Photography informs the artists painting process, and in turn informs textile creations. Catherine has worked on several large scale mixed media commissions. She also frequently attends art fairs and teaches feltmaking & textile workshops.

During her 20’s, Catherine took the opportunity to study at the Kuopio Academy of Arts & Crafts in Finland where she learnt ancient skills of papermaking, bookbinding, haberdashery and felt making. Translating her painting into felt is now something integral to her practice. Layering fibres mirrors the process of her painting.

Catherine has an exhibition portfolio, runs workshops and is available for commission upon request.
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