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Cathy Read's vibrant cityscapes are spirited depictions of the geometric shapes and inherent patterns of architecture combined with her freely expressive style.
Originally from Manchester, she worked as an occupational therapist on large scale art projects to help develop fine motor skills in children.
Growing up amidst the decaying mills of the cotton industry fuelled an
... interest in buildings but her urban landscape style was finally cemented by the massive changes seen during visits home to Manchester as she saw the city develop and transform.
In 2014 Cathy exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society at Bankside Gallery and was elected an associate member of the Society of Women artists with exhibitions at the Mall Galleries.
Cathy’s distinctive work has also been seen in London; Linacre College, Oxford and Stowe House, Buckinghamshire. Her work is gaining international recognition being accepted for exhibitions in France and Norway and is in private collections as far as Canada and South Africa.
Contrasts play a significant part in Cathy’s work. The chaos of a dream world defined by the order of the physical structure, light and darkness or clarity versus obscurity.
“As a very tactile person, I love sculptures with texture and clean lines. Works of art I can handle and interact with. And I especially love architecture. I’m drawn to the natural beauty of shapes and structure. To the rhythms and patterns they create. I love extremes from contemporary, cutting edge design to the old and decaying.
Individual pieces and elements inspire me more than specific artists. Like Anish Kapoor’s sensual shapes and Van Gogh’s fluid brush strokes and texture. Or the use of new media or challenges to scale, as in Jeff Koons’ work.
As I get older I’m increasingly aware of change. It’s both distressing and exciting! I want to record it and reflect on its effects.” Cathy Read
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