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Cay Yi Lin, born in 1971 in Harbin, is an up and coming artist who has just had his first exhibit in the most important Gallery in China, 798 in Beijing this last August , 2006.

He dedicated the past 20 years covering what is maybe one of the most controversial and secretive moments in Chinese History, The Cultural Revolution and the slavery of the labour force in China.
... Although, its brief existence between 1966 and 1976, it has undoubtedly marked the future of China in ways that are still being unveiled. This is his latest focus on the shameful work conditions 0f the Apple factories in China – with over a million workers living in labour camps with children as young as 12 years olds – now reported.

Individual Exhibitions
1998 Beijing, Chinese Contemporary International Arts Festival
1999 Tachikawa – Tachikawa , Japan
2000 Wall to Wall – Naarden, Holland Cross
2001 798 Beijing – stop the machines
2002 Auckland, New Art World New Zealand
2003 Krakow, Poland – Chinese Art Krakow
2003 Shanghai, Strange, Aura Gallery Shanghai A strange Heaven
2004 Beijing, Chinese Contemporary Photography
2004 Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague
2007 Art Beijing
2009 Chicago International – US

Collective Exhibitions
1998 Visible and Unknown, Semi—solo Exhibition Beijing
2008 798 Art Gallery Beijing
2009 Chicago Art Gallery , US ,
2011 The Hague , Prism Gallery , Holland

Private Collections
Paris, London, Taiwan, Tokyo, London, Prague, Den Haag, Geneva, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Moscow
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