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Chris Chapman has been a successful illustrator since graduating from Leicester College of Art in England in 1979, where he studied graphic design.
He turned his focus from illustrating to fine art in 2009. Recently he has begun producing fine art paintings alongside his commercial illustrations, these being either self-initiated or privately commissioned pieces.
His pop
...ular 'gallery' series, featuring impressions of famous paintings, are hosted in galleries throughout the UK. These distinct works are full of warmth and humour and Chris enjoys the process of creating the jokes as much as executing the final paintings.
Chris Chapman’s ‘Gallery Series’ takes a amusing approach to some of art history’s greatest artists. In his paintings, a Lowry influenced character looks onto a museum wall hanging of different paintings from different movements within art histories canon. Whether it is a Pollock or Banksy - Chris Chapman pays homage to these great artists, while making us smile.
However, recently Chris has begun producing textural abstract paintings with acrylics. The majority of these are made without using brushes and with the bold application of paint - provides Chris with a much more fluid way of working in juxtaposition to the figurative images and detailed brushwork employed in the production of his gallery series.

Chris Chapman's paintings have been exhibited widely in a number of galleries including the Royal Academy of Arts in London. He currently produces paintings exclusively for the fine art market.

Chris uses a variety of media depending on the particular project he is working on. This can be seen by looking through his portfolio which shows examples in acrylics, coloured pencils, gouache and graphite pencil.
After starting his career in London, he now lives and works in Bournemouth, Dorset. When Chris isn't painting in his studio he can usually be found paddle boarding, windsurfing, mountain biking, or walking his Border Collie on the beach.
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