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I started my glass career in 2002, after a brief contact with glass in my foundation year at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. My interest into this medium set me off on a two year journey working and training as an assistant at different studio’s in the Netherlands and doing short courses around Europe. In 2004 I got the opportunity to leave for the UK and attend a two year p...rofessional development diploma at The International Glass Centre in Brierley Hill. This specialised program was set up so glass artists could obtain a better understanding of glass design, techniques and technology. During my studies I worked as a demonstration-artist and assistant at Top Glass (a small studio in Worcestershire). After a few years I attended an undergraduate course in glass design at Bournemouth & Poole College. Whilst there I decided to complete my BA degree studies in Applied Art & Design, specialising in Glass, at Bournemouth University.
Since starting as a freelance designer/maker I have been employed by different artists and studio’s in the UK and I have been in freelance employment with the National Glass Museum in Leerdam, the Netherlands, where my work has also been on display.
Lateral Reversion Project.

My intention with this project is to explore the combination of Line and shape using traditional Italian colour techniques inside of clear glass objects. the objects will take the form of solid shaped lenses to play with the light and shape of the cane-work inside of these objects. These explorations will mainly take place in the hot glass studio and in my sketchbook. Using a combination of traditional and modern Hot-glass techniques and cold-working possibilities i will create a series of objects that are intertwined with the illusion of movement. This movement will consist of a combination of line and depth of colour inside of the glass objects. A static movement that should appear different to the observer every time they interact with the object as it is based on light and lens a quality inherent to the material used.
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