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Claire Wiltsher was born in Wales. After studying and teaching at both Lancashire and Northumbria Universities, she is now a professional Landscape painter working from her studio gallery in Lyndhurst, in the New Forest.

From a young age Claire was an accomplished painter - earning a place as a finalist in Reader's Digest young illustrators competition during 1988, and
...securing exhibitions before completing her degree. She is currently Hampshire Life magazine's Hampshire Artist of the Year.

Influenced by the likes of Turner and Pollock, Wiltsher uses light to often magical effect, while her passion for nature, walking and the outdoors shines through in all of her work. Each painting responds to light, height and energy while at the same time rejecting the need for total recognition.

Her elegant, impressionist paintings have a dream-like quality exploring the differing viewpoints of sea and land. Claire invites you as viewer to project your own imagination onto the canvas. It is for this reason that her work is so engaging and personal.

Claire usually works on a square canvas, which she believes is crucial in creating stability and harmony in her paintings. Her oil and mixed media canvases combine layers of paint with fragments of collage. Claire uses brushes and different size palette knives to build up layers and create depth. Paint is also flicked or carefully thrown on selected areas, evidence of this can be found all over her studio floor. She scratches through sections of the painting to allow colours from underneath to emerge.

“I want to create evocative paintings of land and sea that show a sense of place; different weather conditions are key elements”.

Claire writes poems to assist her artistic work, as she believes this helps her communicate specific ideas.

Claire held a place in a group touring exhibition with the Ikon Gallery Birmingham, not long after her degree. In addition to this, she also had a one person show at Durham museum and gallery, where most of the work was sold.

Her outstanding success as an artist, has led to her place in Olympia at an International Fair, when her work was chosen by art critic, Edward-Lucie Smith. In addition to this, she received the ‘Rosemary and Co’ Society of Women Artists annual award and was selected for the 2010 Royal Society of Marine Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries.

Shortly after, in 2011, two of the artists forest landscapes were chosen by the House of Lords Works of Art Committee for acquisition by the House's permanent collection. The paintings now hang in the public areas and committee rooms of Millbank House.
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