Colin Halliday artwork for sale and artist biography

Colin Halliday was born in Cumbria in 1964 and was brought up on a farm overlooked by Cross Fell near Appleby.

After school and a variety of dead end jobs Halliday remembered how good he had been at Art and how much he enjoyed it. Realising life is short at 21 he started the journey that would lead to him becoming a professional Artist.

After a Fine Art degree i
...n Exeter Halliday moved to London in the mid 90’s. Establishing himself in London and selling work to people like Helen Mirren and Adrian Lester to name but two and becoming a regular exhibiter on the London scene.

In 2005 driven by a desire to get back to his countryside roots and find a better place to bring up their children Colin and his family moved up to Derbyshire. Turning his back on the by now very popular London work he threw himself into the Landscape as his chosen subject and continues with this today.

Colin paints almost wholly en plain air, so there is an immediacy and evidence of transience in his work that could not be achieved in the studio. Application of paint is key to Halliday’s work, he describes in a way that looks easy, almost accidental and thereby lends the work a ruggedness that speaks of the very nature of nature.

“I want a painting to look like a painting, not a photograph, how one paints expresses ones soul, it is the differences between us that should be celebrated. The thick paint makes it more like an object in its own right and less about the illusion of being real and more if you like “real”. A reminder that this is not the actual landscape it is a painting of it. There is no attempt to hide the fact this is paint or its application.

Colin has held many one-man shows and has appeared in numerous publications.
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