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Colin Moore was born on the Clyde Coast of Scotland in 1949. He studied architecture in Glasgow, and following an international career in architecture and design, has worked mainly as a painter and printmaker since 2002. He has lived in Spain and Venezuela and currently lives in London, England.

He paints and makes prints, usually relief prints, often working in seri in which the paintings and prints inform each other.

The work is figurative, abstracted to a greater or lesser degree in search of formal qualities which will focus expression and invite an emotional response from the viewer. Colour and line are deployed graphically. The compositions are usually solidly constructed but dynamic. Things move. The wind blows through these landscapes and though they may have a name, they have been redeployed. Instead of the view, we are offered the the artist's feeling for the place or perhaps for the drama and nobility to be found in the lives of the ordinary people who live there.

Colin is a member of Greenwich Printmakers Association and Southbank Printmakers Association both of which regularly exhibit his work. His paintings and prints can be obtained from a number of galleries throughout the UK. Contact the artist for information.
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