Craig Eyles artwork for sale and artist biography

Craig Eyles produces both functional and sculptural ceramics decorated with layered glazes, inspired by the interaction between land and sea.

The hues and tones captured in the sea; the sand; on pebbles, and in the rock formations have all influenced the pallette Craig has used in his work. Whilst textures and forms are also reminiscent of crashing waves, and lapping wat

By layering the glazes he aims to achieve subtle, elegant textural surfaces that are tactile as well as being harmoniously married to the range of forms created. Many of his pieces are decorated to directly emulate the seascapes or landscapes he observes.

Artist Statement:

"I’m fascinated by form and enjoy layering glazes to create textured surfaces, exploring matt and gloss, rough and smooth in one piece. I like mixing shapes together, the sphere, cylinder, cone and disc. Altering the composition and proportions and being inspired by many man made and natural forms.

I completed a contemporary ceramics degree at Wolverhampton University. I moved into teaching and leading Art courses in Secondary and Post 16 education.

Now working as a full time ceramic artist in Frome, Somerset. My pieces are all wheel thrown. Some are composite forms and then some are cut and altered. The pieces are then glazed and fired to 1250°C."
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