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Cy Baker studied scientific illustration at Southampton Institute and Blackpool and the Fylde College of Art. For 5 years he worked as a freelance illustrator doing paintings for various clients on both sides of the Atlantic, including Readers Digest, BBC Wildlife Magazine and New Holland Press.

Cy now works full-time painting and exhibiting his work and has won several
...awards over the years.

“My colour field paintings have been inspired by the wonders of the British countryside. I’ve always been fascinated by the splashes of colour I see at various times of year.

“You can see stretches of bluebells, rapeseed or heather completely dominate the landscape. Although there are many other crops or wild flowers that can create an equally impressive show.

“I also try to use the way a single colour dominates the canvas to create a slightly mythical atmosphere, which is enhanced by the inclusion of one of our native species. It’s always the moment of first seeing something I like to try and capture. That single moment when the bird could fly away, or the deer bound off into the distance, having spotted you. As a result, this makes the moment very short, but no less special for that.

“All my oil paintings are on linen canvas, primed with a mixture of standard primer, cement and sometimes Polyfilla. This creates a unique texture to the canvas, which helps me to capture the atmosphere I’m after. I feel it’s in the boundaries between areas of light, shadow and colour that the magic of a painting happens, and this texture helps to blur those boundaries.”
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