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Dang Phuong Viet was born in 1972 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Viet graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University with a High Distinction. Viet won several prizes for his works; including the Hanoi Fine Arts Exhibition and several prizes in the Asia-Pacific Exhibition, ASEAN Fine Arts and the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

Viet’s works are mainly oil on canvas in the language of moder
...n realism. His favourite theme is traditional and worshipping rituals through which he expresses his dreams and passion in life.

Viet is famously known as Viet Sen, meaning "Viet Lotus". For almost 20 years Viet has been painting lotus - the symbol of beauty, purity and regeneration - in his unique modern style. His daring use of a broad "symphony of colours", ranging from acid greens to shocking fuchsia and burning red, is expertly harmonious. The viewer sees beyond the real beauty of the lotus and wanders into the world of imagination. He turns a lotus pond into the sea of lotus with endless waves of colours and emotions. Being a Buddhist, Viet's works are associated with the enlightenment. He said, “Buddha is likened to the lotus. Like a lotus that rises out of a muddy pond, Buddha rose above the defilement and sufferings of life”.

Over the years Viet has participated in several exhibition in Vietnam and overseas. He also involved in several social activities and donated paintings for auction to raise funds for poor children by Operation Smile Vietnam. Viet's paintings are displayed in numerous galleries and found in many private collections in Vietnam and overseas.

2000: Awarded prize at Hanoi Fine Arts Exhibition
2001: Solo exhibition in Hanoi'; participated in the Exhibition of Young Artists and won an award from the Vietnam Fine Arts Association for his painting “Vuong Trau”; participated in the Asia- Pacific Exhibition and awarded a prize for the painting “The Return”; awarded a certificate by ASEAN Fine Arts Awards with the painting “Le Cat Tien Duyen".
2002: Participated in the Exhibition of Hanoi UNESCO Fine Arts Centre and was awarded a prize of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association with the painting “Shadows of the Lotus Lake”
2003: Participated in the Exhibition “ One Square Metre” of the Hanoi Association of Young Artists
2004: Participated in the Exhibition in Sweden with two paintings: “White Lotus Lake” and the “Sunlight in the Lotus Lake”
2005: Exhibition at the contemporary Art Centre, Hanoi. Group exhibition in Budapest, Rumania
2006: Exhibition “Dragon and Butterfly” in Vittoriano – Rome – Italy
2007: Group exhibition “Early Summer Lotus I” in Hanoi
2008: Group exhibition “Early Summer Lotus II” in Hanoi
2009: Group exhibition in Singapore "Early Summer Lotus III
2010: Group exhibition “Early Summer Lotus IV” in Hanoi
2010: Presented at The National Fine Arts Exhibition with painting “Ca hoa Rong” (Carps turning Dragons)
2011: Solo exhibition “Viet’s Lotus in Vietnamese Life” in Hanoi
2012: Group exhibition “Early Summer Lotus V” in Hue; Participated in Art Expo Malaysia
2013: Solo exhibition “Sen Viet” in Casa Italia, Hanoi
2014: Group exhibition “Early Summer Lotus VI” in Ninh Binh and solo exhibition in Hanoi
​2015: Group exhibition "Treasures of Vietnam", London by Hanoi Art House UK.
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