Daniel Novela artwork for sale and artist biography

Daniel was born in Louis Trichardt, in South Africa, before his family moved to Mozambique. From a young age, Daniel's thirst for education pressed him to become assertive.
As he did not have the financial support to engage in education, spoke to the provincial Director in the Department of education in Maputo, on account of not being able to afford fees, books, accommodati
...on and food in the boarding school for secondary education. A positive response secured him a place in a government boarding school in Matutuine secondary school.
He started to paint for a livelihood whilst studying. After always having a strong interest in art and had begun to draw at the age of nine. In 1998 he was given an opportunity to enroll at the fine arts faculty, Vaal Triangle Technikon for the National Diploma course. In spite of registering late due to financial restraints, he managed to pass all his 2nd year subjects in 1999. In 2000, Daniel completed his 3rd year for National Diploma course successfully and became one of the best students.
Despite being highly education, Daniel and his family lived a life of poverty, until they met Les and Sylvia Lategaan, who recognized Daniel’s talent. They sponsored him and his family in a number of ways, supplying them with art material, exhibitions, transport to exhibitions, University Fees, Transport to University, clothing, monthly groceries for the whole family. They also helped Daniel build a house for himself and his family, allowing them to flourish.
Daniel Novela day would be incomplete without having set paint brush to canvas. His sophisticated paintings radiate light and the heart of the African landscape, as does the man himself. His use of colour and technique has caught the attention of many art collectors internationally. Daniel uses a powerful range of techniques and paints subjects that he admires from his everyday sensitivity, depth and sophistication.

“While I am all African, my style is not typically African. I gravitate towards Impressionism particularly John Constable, Trevor Chamberlain and Richard Schmid. I also admire South African artist Adriaan Boshoff.”

Daniel has exhibited regularly in South Africa as well as the US, Germany, Switzerland and Britain. From pavements and flea markets in rural North West to some of the world’s finest galleries, he has always attracted attention.

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