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With references to past masters as well as contemporary culture, Daniel Sequeira's paintings combine a realistic observation of the human state (both physical and emotional), with characters inhabiting theatrically imagined scenes.

Born in Surrey in 1983, Daniel initially working as a graphic designer, before leaving to attend a one-year academic drawing programme at the
... London Atelier of Representational Art, where he began cultivating his talents in academic drawing. This started him on the path towards painting and with an obvious ability for handling the medium he decided to focus completely on his painting in 2014.

"Having grown up on a diet of comic books, skateboarding, hip hop and movies – this has undoubtably influenced the style in which I paint. Sometimes my paintings have an element of an unfinished sketch. This gives it a sense of vibrancy, dynamism and urgency – something I always try to capture.

My process will always start with some figure studies and then continue through to colour studies before progressing to oil. I tend to paint in alla prima (wet-on-wet) fashion in order to keep the subject as fresh looking as possible (although it rarely works out that smoothly)."

Sequiera likes to incorporate an element of humour in his paintings: a line from a movie, something he hears someone say on the street or just imagined ideas can influence the work. This is used as a basis to create a narrative in the paintings, however, he is careful to create some element of ambiguity, so that the viewer can make their own decisions on what they see.

"Some of my recent paintings draw inspiration from military uniforms and motion. Other paintings represent attempts at simply capturing a character. In essence, I enjoy trying to decode painting something as complex as the figure whilst developing my own particular style. The challenge of depicting the figure is what excites me to paint. I have an image of what I would like to paint and am continually working towards and chasing that goal."

Whether Daniel is borrowing from comic books or Caravaggio, movies or Mariano Fortuny Marsal, Chiaroscuro or street art… the breadth and depth of his influences span centuries and cultural genres.

Selected Awards & Exhibitions:Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA) Portrait Prize 2015 - Third place award. Mall Galleries, ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2015Mall Galleries, Atelier - The Art of Representation 2015
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