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As a child, O’Connor always loved to draw, so painting seemed like the most natural progression. After studying Graphic Arts at Liverpool John Moores University, O’Connor now works as a full-time artist in his hometown, Liverpool. His work celebrates contrast, focusing on portraits and figures with a prevalence of opposing artistic influences.

His inspiration is split be
...tween high and low-brow sources as diverse as comics, illustration, character design, tattoo art and graffiti to Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Art Noveau, Modernism and Constructivism all pulled together to create stylised, abstract works. By exploiting elemental juxtaposition, O’Connor is able to create complex artworks that touch on themes like life, death, and growth with an exceptional kind of vitality.

His work either touches on deeper existential concepts and motifs or pays homage to the beauty of femininity and nature. The artist finds that delicate feminine features contrast attractively with the raw grittiness and urban vibrancy of his paintings, which he achieves through layered application of paint.

Complimenting feminine themes, O’Connor uses birds and floral elements, symbolising life, freedom, and growth. To create juxtaposition within his composition, the artist often incorporates skulls into paintings, representing death, danger and decay. Through balancing of symbolism, the artist attempts to create balanced harmony within his images.

O’Connor states that the most resounding feature throughout his work is contrast - mixing flowing lines with harsh diagonals, and crisp sections of paint with messy splashes of colour. The artist attempts to retain raw traditional aesthetic, whilst achieving an image, which appears modern and futuristic.

The paintings are built up in layer upon layer of paint, which give the pieces great depth of field. As well as the more widely acknowledged paint and brush he uses all manner of mediums such as, correction fluid, spray paint, ink, paint markers, texture pastes, charcoal, graphite, oil sticks and collage. All are applied in an equally diverse manner using brushes, fingers, paint rollers, sticks, paper and cardboard to drip, splash, spray, print and stroke the paint onto the surface.

The result is visually striking and dynamic pieces full of energy, often with expressive brush strokes and splashes of paint with an almost hypnotic appearance. Strong urban influence is reflected in O’Connor’s paintings. He often places his paintings on the street for passers by to view and take with them if they wish. The street application of the work adds fresh dimension to the paintings and fulfil O’Connor’s passion for sharing his work with the public.

For O’Connor, the energy within his paintings is reflective of contemporary times. We live in a fast moving world full of contradictions, and as an artist, O’Connor wants to recreate the velocity of modern life within his paintings.

The artist admits that he is never shackled by a philosophy, but rather takes the abstract expressionist approach of painting from the soul. He paints what he wants, how he wants, loosing himself in the process. He hopes that people approach his work with ambiguity. He plays on the idea that each person viewing his work will have a different perspective, and avoids spoon feeding his viewers with a clear explanation of his motives behind each piece.

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