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David Bez is synonymous with what we characterise as a 'Northern Artist', with his use of dark and brooding colours and industrial landscapes, depicting gritty mill buildings.

Born and raised in Manchester, David was encouraged to paint from an early age by his mother, a fine textile designer in her own right. Pursuing his love of art throughout his youth, David emerged
...a graduate of Fine Art from Manchester University in his early twenties, and used the subsequent years to gain experience in the worlds of graphic design, illustration and glazed-art.

Bez says, “I find operating in three different art forms enables me to reappraise my work and to mix and match from all. This approach keeps my work fresh and dynamic.”

Bez's paintings tend to not depict actual places, although there are obvious elements of Levenshulme, his childhood town where he continues to live and work. Though dark and atmospheric, these paintings both fizz with the potent energy and urban-grit of the once-industrial city centre, as well as touching on the beautiful, and often deeply-complex, world of the moorland, countryside, and rural landscape that surrounds his Manchester home.

He achieves this lustre through his experience in glasswork - often utilising a ‘faux vitrail' finishing glaze on many of his paintings, a specific type of translucent yet bold glass paint like that found on stained glass. He also applies oil varnishes and silicates in sections of the painting to cause light to interact with each section differently and add depth and luminosity.

Influences include L.S. Lowry and his tutor Pierre Adolphe Valette, Theodore Major and Harold Riley.
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