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David Coulter was born and raised in Clifford Street, All Saint's, Manchester.

He may have earned his living painting radiators but it is his paintings of Manchester street scenes that is propelling him to stardom in the art world. Now in his late 60s the grandfather of three has created more than 500 paintings of his home town and following his first exhibition of s
...cenes from the city centre, Ardwick and Hulme is sparking huge interest among art lovers who are now clamouring to buy his canvasses.
David was good friends with the Legendary Northern Artist Arthur Delaney. Arthurs influence is visible in Dave’s early work, however Dave has greatly evolved his own style. He has the talent to be able to paint in various different styles, but seems to have settled down with his latest series of Manchester City Centre paintings. slightly obscure but with hints of detail make his paintings incredibly dynamic and dramatic.

David had been restoring and painting radiators from building reclamations for almost 50 years, but in his spare time he began to take his easel around Manchester, particularly Oxford Road, Portland Street and St Peter’s Square, to capture the city in oil and acrylic paint. After painting for years as a hobby, David began to take his work more seriously after he had two heart attacks and doctors told him to take life easier.

‘I’ve been going out for years sketching and painting the city because I absolutely love it and it helps me calm down. Manchester is a fantastic place and I want my pictures to show people what they might have missed as they go past the same places every day. I like to call my style of painting "Manchester impressionistic". I think the city comes to life with a bit of rain – it makes it look a bit grittier and I try to capture the reflections and the people around me.’

Despite his love for Manchester, David lives just over the border in Prestwich, where he moved with his wife Marilyn 20 years ago, but David says he still prefers to paint Manchester as it has more historic buildings and is where he grew up.

David's passion for his native Manchester, shines through every brush stroke on the canvas. In his own words,

’I love Manchester, with all its wrinkles, whether it's wet, dry or foggy, I take all the seasons, and pull out the best Manchester can give’.

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