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David Shiers has painted professionally since 2003 following a successful career as a Graphic Designer. The only tuition he received was from attending Liverpool College of Art life drawing classes, yet demonstrating a natural talent, he has now exhibited throughout the UK and his work can be found in Galleries inMerseyside, Cheshire, Cornwall, and Surrey.

David works in
... oils and mixed media, combining watercolour, acrylic, oil pastel and gouache. His working process is based on a series of Plein Air watercolour sketches which he carries out on location mainly in The Wirral, East Anglia, Southern France and Spain.

David is much inspired by works of the past impressionists, Pissaro, Monet, Cezanne and Sisley to mention but a few, and in the same vein creates artwork which is focused on light, atmosphere, movement and nature. He has a fast and spontaneous approach to his painting resulting in work with an expressive and delightfully energetic nature.

His studio is based on the Wirral, he is a member of the "Wirral Society of Arts", which is based in the Williamson Art Gallery. He has also been accepted as one of Windsor & Newtons featured artists.
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