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Dirty Hans is an internationally renowned artist, originally from Liverpool, who’s artwork has been exhibited in Antwerp, Brussels, Toronto, Paris, Berlin and Miami, and has featured twice in the Daily Mirror, as well as appearing on Tele2 (French TV) with a mention in NYTimes.com.

Dirty Hans directed his childhood hyperactive tendencies into creating art. However, i
...t was only after viewing Roy Lichtenstein and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec’s work that this cathartic passion became a serious, all consuming career for Dirty Hans. It is clear to see how these pioneering Pop artists are ever present in his work.

Hans’ artwork has been heavily influenced by his travelling experience, and his inspiration for his artwork comes from 1950’s culture, movies, comic books, pulp-magazines and studying more traditionalist contemporary artists.

Hans battles against concepts of high art by utilising images of popular iconography such as Audrey Hepburn, comic book characters, musicians, fictional film characters, politicians, and even the Royal Family. Tapping into the endless supply of Western visual cultural history Hans turns these tropes on their head to fit his personal narrative and twisted sense of humour.

Dirty Hans creates artwork with acrylics and spray paint on canvas and is now branching out into ‘Digital Art Media’. This allows for a freedom in Hans’ approach to digital art; the screen is a physical canvas that he can manipulate, adding both relief and depth to what is a strictly two-dimensional surface.

He is going from strength to strength with his creative artistic ability. He has attracted collectors worldwide and within the UK. His work can be found in galleries throughout the UK and is now proving competitive force in the new media art world.

“I don’t have the vocabulary to put into words what I want you to feel, see, sense when you see a painting of mine so I try to let my paintings do the talking for me and hope you enjoy them as much as I did painting them.”

All prints are printed on fine art paper using archival inks and materials.
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