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Doug Hyde is an established British contemporary artist, who was born in Bristol in 1972. The artists talent became visible from a young age, as during his school and college years he concentrated on the technical side of drawing and painting. After graduating, he made the choice to become a professional artist.

Doug’s art encompasses his ability to have his compositions
... communicate at a direct level, referring to the human experience in a way that we can all recognise and connect with on an individual level. Regardless of his success, Doug has never lost touch with the realities of life. He continues to produce work influenced by his love for his family, his unfailing optimism and his total enthusiasm for life.

The artists chosen method is to produce his distinctive artwork on a large scale. This scale is chosen to achieve maximum impact with each artwork and with his unorthodox use of pastels applied with fingers and thumbs.

In 2005 Doug was named as the UK's best selling published artist and described as the UK's most popular living artist on a BBC TV national news broadcast. His optimistic style has captured peoples imaginations and provided a wonderful escapism from their day to day lives.

Doug has been shown on television shows on the BBC and Channel 4. He has also been featured on local television and local and national radio describing his unique technique and talking about the people and events that inspire his delightful artwork.

Doug's popularity and profile has grown both in the UK and abroad, and he has recently returned from a sell-out tour in Japan. Doug's latest collection has proved as popular as ever with many images selling out upon release. Doug’s extraordinary rise from virtual unknown to the most popular living artist in the UK has been meteoric with celebrity collectors including golfer Rory McIlroy and Emily Blunt (star of the movie The Devil Wears Prada).
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