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Dr Paul Helliwell’s passionate and exhilarating artwork explores the visceral nature of painting parallel to more cerebral and conceptual ideas. Central to his practise is his experimentation with ever new ways to extend the creative process, and the desire to express powerful feelings and emotions.
Alongside national and international exhibitions, residencies in Germany and
... Holland, Helliwell was a prize winner in the National Open Art Competition. He gained his MA from the University of East London where he also recently completed his Doctorate in Fine Art. Helliwell now lectures at Northumbria University and has completed numerous commissions for film and TV where he worked as a scenic artist.
His recent body of work is born from the trauma of physical and psychological pain, as well as life’s pleasures and excitements. He aligns the exhilaration and physicality of painting with a fascination with mortality and the ongoing questions of existence.
Helliwell’s application of paint and colour are intuitive and forceful. The result is fluid and fast paced imagery that engages the viewer with unified, integrated compositions. Working passionately and spontaneously Helliwell continues to generate surprising and unique images which have inspired collectors and art lovers alike.
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